Star Kitchens can help you with your countertop needs no matter the choice. We have our own manufacturing facilities with highly skilled craftsmen that can do it all from removing your old existing countertops to template, manufacturing, and installing. We are capable of meeting most needs, from the value conscious choice of plastic laminate to fully custom kitchen that begs for granite. We can help you select the appropriate material with consideration to design and cost.


granite countertopGranite is a hard coarse-grained rock and one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world, granite consists mainly of quartz, alkali feldspar, and plagioclase feldspar,  which contribute to its color – white, pink, or light grey. The dark brown, dark-green, or black is due to the presence of such minerals as hornblende and biotite mica. The molecules of these minerals entwine in a way that makes granite hard, difficult to damage, generally impossible to scratch, heat resistant, and durable, making it an ideal choice for kitchen counters and vanity tops.Resilient, lasting decades on end, easy to clean and maintain, granite is very aesthetic. It creates a luxurious, spacious feel in any home, and it carries a timeless quality about it; and always seems to be in vogue.

Cambria Quartz

Cambria QuartzWelcome to Cambria!   Where beautiful rooms become reality.   Discover the warmth and richness that can only be found in natural quartz surfaces where elegance and beauty meet function and lasting durability.  With an endless palette of dazzling colors showcasing the depth and character of natural quartz, you’ll see why more and more homeowners are asking for Cambria by name.  Bring your dream kitchen or bath to life today.  Discover yourself in Cambria!

Zodiaq Quartz

zodiaq countertopDuPont Zodiaq brings together science and innovation with one of nature’s most appealing and durable elements, quartz. The result is a surface that’s stronger, more consistent, and easier to care for than stone. So it’s easy to see why it’s the material of choice for today’s discriminating homeowners, architects, and designers.

Caesarstone Quartz

Caesarstone QuartzThe unique physical and aesthetic properties of CaesarStone’s quartz surfaces established a new product genre in the industry. By fusing leading-edge technology and design innovation, CaesarStone makes what are reputedly the finest quartz surface products in the world.


CorianWith over 130 colors to choose from, DuPont, Corian allows you to create a space as individual as you are. Let your inner designer loose with inlays, seamless backsplashes, and inline sinks. And with freedom comes responsibility. Backed by a residential limited warranty, Corian is tough enough to stand up to everyday realities of a busy home.

Plastic Laminate

Plastic Laminate