Granite vs. Quartz Counter Tops and the Pluses and Minuses of Each

Two of the most commonly requested materials for countertops are granite and quartz. While the two may look somewhat similar to an untrained eye, there are actually differences that you may want to consider before you ask Star Kitchens and Bath to install one of the two countertops in your home. As professional Annapolis kitchen and bath contractors with an extensive and impressive portfolio, we offer the following basic explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of granite and quartz as countertop materials.

For starters, granite is 100% natural and granite countertops are sliced, cut, and honed from large granite slabs that are pulled right out of the ground at rock quarries. Because of its natural stone nature, granite countertops have to be sealed on installation and again on a regular basis to keep the underlying stone clean and stain free. Sealing helps close pores in the stone surface that would otherwise allow stains to penetrate deep into the stone.

As a 100% natural product, granite countertops will often contain imperfections, which homeowners will either love or hate. The fact that granite is a natural stone also means that it will be impossible for you to hide the seams where the pieces of your granite countertop come together. Despite being a very durable material, you should understand that granite countertops can break or chip if abused, and you will never quite be able to completely repair a broken or chipped granite countertop to “like new” condition – however, with proper maintenance, care, and regular sealing, your granite countertops can last up to a lifetime in a single home. Annapolis kitchen and bath contractor Star Kitchens not only offers expert installation of granite countertops, we’ll also show you how to care for your granite countertops after installation so they have the best chance of lasting as long as possible.

The other popular option for countertop material that an Annapolis kitchen and bath contractor can install is quartz. Almost completely natural, quartz countertops are usually natural stone, with the remaining percentage made up of a mix of resins and color pigments. It might not seem like much of a difference, but having an artificial component means that quartz countertops don’t have to be sealed because the material is already manufactured to be non-porous. Other benefits include more durability / flexibility (because of the artificial components) and seams that are much easier to conceal because of the speckled nature of quartz patterns.

Finally, if price is a major deciding factor as you decide between granite or quartz, you should be aware that material prices can vary from region to region and can fluctuate with fuel costs because most granite and quartz countertop materials are shipped in from overseas. As a general rule of thumb, however, the most common colors of granite will be more affordable than the most common colors of quartz.

No matter whether you choose granite or quartz, you should only allow Star Kitchens to work in your home as your contractor of choice. In business since 1974, Star Kitchens is a family owned and highly sought after Annapolis kitchen and bath contractor that can expertly install granite or quartz countertops in any home. If you’re in the greater Annapolis area and would like to discuss granite or quartz countertops for your home, contact Annapolis kitchen and bath contractor Star Kitchens and Bath at today. Star Kitchens, 111 Chinquapin Round RD., Suite 202B, Annapolis MD 21401. 410.269.0600,

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