Why Hire a Professional Bathroom Countertop Installer for Your Home – Bathroom Countertop Installation Annapolis

In the Annapolis area, bathroom countertop installation may seem very simple. Mixed results have come from many people choosing to do their own installations. At Star Kitchens & Bath, we know that a hired professional is recommended if you are looking for a clean installation by people with experience. We will discuss any questions you have and help you understand the whole process. By the end of the installation, you’ll understand the efficiency of working with professionals. To help envision renovating your bathroom, here are the steps we take to install a bathroom countertop:

Step 1: Make sure you remove the old countertop first.

With a professionals help, the materials will be easily disposed of. This will save you from several headaches down the road. During an installation, we always take care of the old countertop. To begin, you’ll need to shut off the supply lines to the countertop fixtures. We can also handle this aspect of your bathroom countertop installation. With caution, you can then remove the bathroom countertop keeping the walls, fixtures and sink in mind.

Step 2: Carefully run caulk around the edges of the cabinet.

We use silicone caulking to ensure that the countertop will stick properly.

Step 3: Position the slab neatly.

Two people are often required to complete this step. To make sure the countertop is installed properly, we send two professionals to complete the job.

Step 4: Press a backsplash of your choice into place.

Squeeze three generously sized dollops of silicone caulking adhesive to back of splash and press firmly and carefully into place.

Step 5: To complete the installation, seal with caulk.

With bath or tile caulk, we seal all the joints to perfect your look.

These are obviously the basics of a bathroom countertop installation. Sealing the countertop properly, is critical if you want to avoid problems down the road. If you want a new, sleek bathroom, our professional help is definitely worth the investment. Having a countertop expert provide you with materials and service will ensure that the slabs of material are properly secured and fit correctly. A tight fitting countertop is what will help you impress guests in your Annapolis home. A new sink may be involved in your countertop renovation depending on what you are looking for. If you want to renovate your bathroom countertop, we have the expertise to help you complete the installation from start to finish.

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