How to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet remodeling is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a facelift. Whether it’s part of a bigger renovation or an individual project, remodeling your kitchen cabinets can breathe new life into your home. When it comes to deciding on the type of cabinets to install, you have a few options to choose from. We’re Star Kitchens and Bath and we know exactly what it takes to creatively pick the kitchen cabinets you want at a budget you can afford. We can help you review all your style and design options like:

Material ‑ this is what your cabinets are made out of. The material you choose will affect how long the cabinets last and how well they stand up to life in a busy kitchen. Cabinets are usually made from hardwoods and hardwood veneer over a material like plywood or particle board. Your budget, will greatly affect material choice, but so will the look that you’re trying to accomplish. For example, red oak features pronounced grain patterns. Hard maple is popular for homeowners who want contemporary or painted, and hickory looks great when rustic is what you want. Star Kitchens and Bath can show you samples of each type of wood and explain the benefits of each.

Grain ‑ this is the “design” on the wood, the lines that give the material the look of wood. Matching the grain is generally more difficult with solid hardwood than with veneered cabinets.

Color ‑ make your home truly your own with a bold color choice. Laminate and thermofoil cabinets can be manufactured in practically any color. Keep in mind, if you’re thinking about kitchen cabinet remodeling you can flip the property or put it on the rental market, consider colors that are neutral and more likely to have a wide appeal. You can also stain wood to replicate colors of other, more expensive woods.

Star Kitchens and Bath is a locally owned design and contract service offering kitchen and bath remodeling and renovation. Our specialty is high quality work blended with quality materials. We can work on everything from simple bath and kitchen cabinet remodeling to complete gutting and redesign from the ground up. The owner / president of Star Kitchens, Richard Bussey, is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a Certified Kitchen Designer with an extensive portfolio of renovation work. We’ve been in business since 1974, and we’re proud to serve the greater metro areas of Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis, Maryland.

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